Pick-Fill-Seal (PFS) Machines (Vegapack 250 / 300)

The Vegapack PFS-Series Pick, Fill & Seal system is specifically designed for higher speed pre-made pouch filling applications in the food, flour, personal care and pet Food markets. It’s ability to handle large format Pouches and rapid changeover in matter of minutes makes it unique in the Industry. The system delivers un-rivaled flexibility with the ultra-versatile pouch transport system. It’s a suitable machine to convert your Semi-automatic / manual operation to highly efficient Packaging Operation and reduce per pack cost on filling. It is also ideal for companies requiring multiple changeovers and packaging a wide variety of Products.

Designed to run multiple formats on the same machine, It’s automated system delivers format changeovers in less than 20 minutes. Just by selecting a recipe from the touch screen HMI, the machine will adjust itself to the appropriate format settings, saving both time and money while increasing productivity.

The system can be integrated with a wide variety of OEM filling systems, coding systems and validation equipment. With speeds of up to 60 Packs per minute, it’s a machine to have in your production facility.

Highlighting Features:
  • Multiple axis servo control
  • All servo automation for consistent & high outputs with quickest changeovers in the industry
  • All stainless steel frame, high hygiene design
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of Pouches from conventional 3 side seal pouches to stand-up pouches with press to close or slider zippers & flat bottom pouches with zippers, etc.

The versatile & modular platform of Vegapack PFS-Series Pick, Fill & Seal system allows you to convert the system to a roll stock HFFS machine in future. You have choice to pick from 14 or 10 station layout configuration depending on your filling needs.


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