Chris Dunbar - Director of Capital Roasting, Packaging & Warehouse Projects

Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, Lost Hills, CA, USAUnited States Mamata

We are very happy with the performance of the Mamata horizontal form-fill-seal baggers. The advantages compared to our preformed pouch machines are higher production rate, greater efficiency, and more economical packaging materials. We currently have 6 machines installed and plan to purchase a 7th machine this year. The dependability of their equipment and commitment to customer satisfaction and service makes them a preferred choice for us.

Mayank Patel

Hershey India India

We acquired our firm Mamata HFFS machine M 150 in 2019 and second machine in 2021. The decision to purchase Mamata was based on their future ready technology and ability to run recyclable eco- friendly films.

Michael Miller - President

Bolke Miller Company, IL USA

Our first experience with Mamata was our purchase of their PFS250 pre-made SURP pouch filler. As a co-packer the unique pouch picking system and the speeds capable were the main reasons we went with this machine. We then learned that the technical expertise of the team was superior to most. Our first project was novel animal shaped bags of various shapes and sizes for which specialized grippers and timing sequencing was necessary. Mamata put technical help on site to manufacture/modify their machine to meet our needs. The machine now packs difficult products into complex pouches everyday. When we produce an easy flowing product the machine is a thoroughbred racehorse. I have no doubt that when the need arises for another SURP machine, we will turn to Mamata for our solution.

Keyur Virani

Balaji Wafers

We have been using Mamata HFFS machine M 200 since 2014 . As on date we have 5 machines already installed and running in our various plants. Mamata has delivered excellence in engineering , service and machine efficiency and hence emerged as our preferred supplier over the years.

Jeff Hart - Director of Operations

CanMar Foods Ltd., Regina, SK, CanadaUSA

With our Mamata pre-made pouch filler we have noticed a totally different approach to design from equipment provided by other suppliers. Mamata designs and builds with the operator in mind and the end result is faster changeovers and higher run efficiencies than we had previously seen. Mamata builds to last and after millions of bags, our downtime is still well below anything we had been dealing with on equipment from other suppliers.

Scott Anderson - Director of Operations

Phelps Industries, LLC Rockford, IL, USAUSA

Our recently installed Mamata pouch machine is just one of our four lines but produces over 60% of our volume. It offers the best we have in speed, uptimes, acceptance, and productivity. Mamata has strong technical teams that are readily available for support and improvement initiatives.

Terry Tyson - General Manager

Grain Millers, Yorkton, SK, CanadaIndia

We have been working with our Mamata packaging machine for several years. The folks at Mamata were the only company that we could find to readily work with us on developing a packaging line that would do our 2.25 Kg package. this responsiveness and expertise is something we've benefited from throughout our relationship with Mamata, including the inside-andout knowledge their service personnel have. The relative ease and speed of product changeovers has introduced more flexibility into our production runs.

Brian Stepien - VP

Food Safety & Tech. Services, Growers Express, Salinas, CA, USAUSA

We are pleased with the M-200 HFFS machine from Mamata. The advantages include better production rates, consistent and high efficiency, and good technical support.

Anant Chitale

Chitale Foods

We found design of Mamata HFFS very modern, Food safety compliant and world class design. We purchased our first machine to Pack Gulab Jamun Mix in 2020 and it delivered the committed outputs, accuracy and automation. We have ordered second machine recently.

Mark Neufeld, Project Manager

Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, Lost Hills, CA, USA United States Mamata

“We have been very happy with the performance of the Mamata Form-fill-seal baggers. The advantages compared to our preformed pouch machines include: higher production rate, greater efficiency, and more economical packaging materials. We have just purchased our fifth machine.