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April - 2015
Win Series goes Global at ChinaPlas 2015 Mamata to launch Win Series Bag and Pouch Making Machines Globally at Chinaplas 2015

After a Huge success of Mamata’s Win Series Bag and Pouch Making machines in India and Central American markets, Win Series is now going Global and you can witness these machines at CHINAPLAS 2015.

We have been working on WIN Series machines over last 3 Years and we have officially launched in India at our factory Open house in December 2013 and then at Plastimagen Show, Mexico in Oct-2014. We have been receiving tremendous response and till date installed base has crossed 125 machines in very short span.

What is WIN Series machines

Mamata has always worked towards providing latest technology of machinery and solutions to its customers in today’s competitive market. Win Series further enhances this by increasing outputs and lowering running costs! That is too at unbeatable price.

This dramatically reduces production costs for customers and improves margins. Truly making our customers “Win” in the market.

Win Series of Machines

  • Win 750 P: Servo Driven High Speed Side Seal Bag Maker
    The Best in class Side seal bag maker with Speeds up to 250 Strokes. A perfect Machine for processing Thin microns LD-LLDPE or HDPE films and PP / BOPP films. A path breaking price to performance Index is huge selling success of this model
  • Win 305 CP: Servo Driven High Speed Center Seal Pouch Maker
    It is world’s Fastest Center Seal Pouch Maker with Speed up to 250 CPM at lowest energy consumption of only 1.35 Kwh. A Pouch maker to make Center Fin seal and BOPP Lap seal Pouches at speeds up to 50 meters per minute of line speed
  • Win 350 PM: Servo Driven Pouch Maker
    With maximum speed up to 200 CPM, machine is capable to make center seal and three side seal pouches. Unlike tradition center seal pouch maker, it has reciprocating type long sealer for making fin seal as well three side seal. So you will get Better quality seal with high speed production. Compact design reduces wastage and setup time
  • Win 500 PM: Servo Driven Pouch MakerThe Pouch Maker with unique combination of simplicity, flexibility and performance. It is the only pouch maker which has flexibility to produce not only Stand up Zipper Pouches & Three Side Seal Pouches, but also Large format Center seal pouches & Five Side Seal / Quad seal Pouches on the same platform