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Mamata receives The Best Plastics and Polymers Brands 2020 Award
Mamata receives The Best Plastics and Polymers Brands 2019 Award
Mamata receives The Best Plastics and Polymers Brands 2019 Award
34 MMPL Customer Visit
January - 2018
Mamata delivers 52 machines to Tesco Industries, Uganda. Tesco Industries places Order for 20 more!

Tesco Industries Uganda is one of the largest flexible packaging material supplier in East Africa. They process 1200 tons/month. On 5th December 2017, Mr. Drake Lubega, Managing Director of Tesco Industries Ltd. Uganda, personally came to take delivery of 20 Win 750 P Side seal machines from Mamata and at the same time placed order for 20 more machines. This makes Tesco one of the largest customer for Mamata with 72 machines operating under single roof. Tesco Industries and Mamata both are hopefull that in 2018 there will be 100+ machines delivered and operating under single roof.

Tesco began with trial order of just 2 machines in year 2014-15 and based on performance, quickly bought 10 + 20 + 20 + 20 machines from Mamata over a period of little more than 2 years. This is due to proven quality and performance of Mamata machines which makes it a leading supplier in the industry globally.

woven bag making machine
February - 2016
Mamata Launches a World’s Fastest and a Fully Automatic Back Seam Sack Maker for Laminated Woven Fabric Sheet

Vega SM-610
It is a Fully Automatic and High Speed Machine to convert BOPP Laminated Woven Fabric Sheet in to back seam, side gusseted bottom stiched sacks/pouch.
This machine has been specially designed for high speed conversion to lower your production cost drastically.

woven bag making machine supplier
May - 2016
Mamata Launches World’s Fastest Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Mamata is pleased to announce Launch of it’s bag making machine for converting PP Non Woven fabric in to bags. Mamata has used all its experience and latest servo technology to design world’s fastest bag making machine capable of running up to 210 cycles per minute.

Center Seal Pouch Making Machine (WIN 305_CP)
Center Seal Pouch Machine
WIN 500 PM A
Side Seal Bag Making Machine (Win 750_P)
WIN Logo
April - 2015
Win Series goes Global at ChinaPlas 2015 Mamata to launch Win Series Bag and Pouch Making Machines Globally at Chinaplas 2015

After a Huge success of Mamata’s Win Series Bag and Pouch Making machines in India and Central American markets, Win Series is now going Global and you can witness these machines at CHINAPLAS 2015.

We have been working on WIN Series machines over last 3 Years and we have officially launched in India at our factory Open house in December 2013 and then at Plastimagen Show, Mexico in Oct-2014. We have been receiving tremendous response and till date installed base has crossed 125 machines in very short span.

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