March - 2015
Mamata dispatches It’s first Flat Bottom Pouch Making Machine

The Pouch Maker is 610mm (24″) usable width and is capable of making Flat Bottom Pouches with and without Zipper. The machine can be run on one up basis for large format and two up basis for small format pouches. The maximum output is 150 per minute on two up format.

April - 2014
Mamata Doubles output of Side Gusseted Zipper Pouches

Mamata continues to use state of the art Servo technology to deliver cutting edge solutions. Side gusseted pouches with zippers also known as quad seal pouches are widely used for pet food packaging.

Mamata has improved outputs to 65 pouches per minute from previous best of 35 pouches per minute. Surely a quantum leap which will further lower production cost for our customers across the world.

February - 2014
Mamata Introduces Flat Bottom Pouch Making Machine

Flat Bottom Pouch Making Machine*

  • True flat bottom Pouch
  • Output up to 150 Pouches per Minute
  • Compact machine Foot Print and shorter Film Path
  • Ease of Setting and savings on wastage.
  • Option of 1 or 2 up setup
  • All panels Print registration

Advantage of Flat Bottom Pouch

  • Saves Packing material compared to stand up for the same volume
  • Less space required for Bulk Packing / Transporation / Storage / Display.
  • More display area including all sides and bottom panel for Brand visibility

* Patent pending

August - 2013
Mamata Installs 100th Machine in America

In January 2004, Mamata introduced its Bag makers and Pouch makers to North American market. Our customers were quick to realize and accept our strengths, Engineering Excellence, Value for Money, Flexibility, Prompt Customer Support and Cost Effectiveness, combined – to ensure ‘more bang for your buck’.

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October - 2012
High productivity from Un-supported Co-Ex film demonstrated @ PackExpo 2012

With unique capability of Vega Plus Pouch Making Systems to handle un-supported film,Mamata demonstrated two lane stand up zipper pouch making capability from single web Unsupported PE film. It has added one more milestone in the recent innovation in flexible packaging industry. The Pouch machine on Exhibit could also do conventional 3 side Seal Pouches, zipper Pouches, stand-up Pouches with Insert Bottom Gussets, Fin/Lap seal Pouches with or without gussets and Pouches with Full Bleed (double Cut) print.
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June - 2012
Ultra High Speed Side Seal bag maker

Mamata machinery launched updated speed versions of it’s all High speed side seal bags makers. Vega 750 Plus is now available @ speeds of 325 cycles / minute.

Similarly Vega 600 Plus & Vega 750-S are available with speed up to 300 cycles / minute.
These machines are now available with All AC motors and Drives.
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