Mr. Kamal Shah

Polyflex Industries Ltd., Kenya

We at Polyflex Industries Ltd. have been using Mamata’s Side Seal, Universal Bag Makers, Wicketer and Pouch Makers over last 10 years and are very happy with the performance of these machines. Low maintenance cost and trouble free running has really helped us to keep up the expectations of market and our customers. All the best to the Mamata team and KEEP IT UP!!!!!

Mr. M. Arivazhagan

BTR Packaging Pvt Ltd., Chennai

Mamata not only delivers high quality machines but also gives very efficient after sales service. They do everything to retain a customer. To top everything, they are a very innovative company.

Mr. Ranjit Agarwal

Manjushree Group, Guwahati

Manjushree Group takes pride in our association with Mamata Machinery, the leading innovators in packaging industry machine manufacturing.

Torben Thomasen

N.H. Emballage A/S, Denmark

We have specialized our production in of conical bags for candy and icing bags for bakers. In 2004, I bought the first Flower Sleeve/Conical bag making machine from Mamata and after running this machine for couple of years we have never had no doubt about what kind of machine to buy in the future. So, we bought our another machine delivered by end of the year 2010 and we have been running good production on the machine since then. I must say that my experience with Mamata machinery is very good. We always get a quick response when we ask something. Most of the time they don´t even have to search an answer, the people simply know exactly what to do to help us. There is no doubt for us, Mamata machinery is in the leading position as global supplier of bag making machines.

Harry Zimmerman

Zim’s Bagging Company – Kenova, WV, USA

Excellent quality of machines with a very good back up engineer’s team for services and guidance. Keep it up the same way.

Mr. Mahendra Mehta

Multiflex Group, Chennai

We are extremely pleased with the quality and performance of our Mamata equipment and their responsiveness to our service and innovation needs. We look forward to our close association with Mamata for our future bag making requirements.

Mr. Mohamed Taib Mohamed

Al Arabi Plastic Factory, Kuwait

Mamata machines are strong and built to last with latest technology with servo driven motors using microprocessor, PLC. They provide good service after sales with spares readily available at all times.